The Team

Brian Hayward
Managing Director*

Generally seeing to all sorts of stuff

* all the other titles were taken

Taryn Hayward
Operations Director*

In charge of the difficult things, like numbers

*Taryn is an Excel spreadsheet nerd

Sharon Thompson
Content Strategist*

Ensuring clear brand messaging, from concept to execution

* Sharon loves pencils – even great ideas need sharpening

Helen Crooks
In-house Writer*

Putting your story first

* Helen’s been writing since newspapers were only in print

Digital Marketing Consultant*

Our online strategy guru

* He makes your website work harder

Lana Breedt
Graphic Designer*

It's her job to make things pretty

* She's still madly in love with crayons

Mandla Ntlemeza
Lead Content Developer*

Crafting concise and engaging social media stories

* A man who, literally, has poetic licence (he’s a poet)

Siyolo Somtsewu
Community Manager*

Social media has never been watched so closely

* Siyolo loves to delve into brand strategy

Social Media Consultant*

Keeping us on top of breaking trends

*Great content is more than clickbait

Client Services Manager*

The first friendly face you’ll see

*Every story starts with an intro