A Story to Remember
GNL is firmly rooted in storytelling, with extensive experience in both the worlds of journalism and advertising – making us the natural choice for telling your brand’s story with integrity and authenticity, while remaining true to your marketing goals.

  • The Beginning

    In 2012, after accruing multiple journalism awards, our MD, Brian, left the newsroom to form Brian Anthony Communications – an agency which assisted with, among others, launching the R2bn Baywest Mall, one of SA’s largest shopping and entertainment complexes.


  • Launch

    In 2016, relaunching as GNL in Port Elizabeth’s historic Donkin Creative Quarter, the company refined its focus to be “proudly Port Elizabeth-based and nationally-focussed”.


  • Digital Meets Traditional

    In 2018, along with partners Today Brand Studio, GNL again redefined its purpose, rebranding as a Digital Brand Agency for a digitally-occupied world.


With guiding principles including #storyfirst and #storiginality, GNL has put storytelling at the heart of its operations.

WTS (What’s The Story) is our purpose-built framework used to determine and identify what our clients’ authentic stories are. This is undertaken at the start of each project to guide all the communication and strategy that follows.

With the fast-paced digital world often seeming overwhelming, there is – perhaps now more than ever – a need for stories which mean something; stories which reach out to the audience and remind them that they matter.

That, for us, is where digital and storytelling collides.