When I was asked to kick off GNL’s blogging, I was super excited. I am not sure whether it was because I love blogging or because I feel it’s an honour to be trusted by a company to air my views on its platform.

I do think it is important for a company to encourage its staff to share in collaborative communication that is not only aired within the walls of the office, but also to the public at large –complete strangers for that matter.

Here’s why:

It is a sign of trust

Surely you won’t be asked to blog if your boss did not trust you or value your opinion. That is a privilege.

You get to share your side of the story

Why do I love what I do? We often get so caught up in getting the job done that we forget the reason why we are doing it. Blogging is a great way to reflect on your passion and share it with the world.

You get to know your colleagues

I am all for small-talk. Sure, it does take up valuable time you could have spent on a project, but you get to know your colleagues, which in turn helps you to understand them better. Reading their blogs will shed light on their stories, and also how they perceive their roles at work. As a team we need to know each team member in order to perform better. In our case, our job is to tell great stories –  so we may as well start with reading one another’s.


The good venting. Share achievements, fun projects, deadlines made with flying colours…

Mini breaks

I am typing this from my slightly untidy desk with a nice cup of coffee which my colleague Anna just brewed for us. When I am done with the last paragraph, I will ask my office partner, Sharon, to please read through this to make sure I did not make any silly mistakes. Then I will go upstairs, refill my water bottle and crush my next deadline.

‘Cause that’s how I roll: work and play equally hard.